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Vintage 1950's heavy hammered aluminum Guardian Service Coffee Maker.

Vintage 1950's heavy hammered aluminum Guardian Service Coffee Maker.

All aluminum, with glass lid.

Most parts included for drip brewing coffee.

The pot holds 8 measuring cups of liquid.

There is some pitting in the bottom of the pot interior. Age spots on the aluminum. It is clean but could use more shining up. There is also a crack that someone has attempted to repair on the handle of the percolator top. 

Here are original instructions on how to use the Guardian Service Coffee Maker from Betty Gays "Guardian Service Tested Recipes,"

"Guardian Consistently Good Coffee"

1.Heat the beverage urn by rinsing with hot water.

2.Place dripper in top of urn and put filter disc with seam side down in bottom of dripper.

3.Measure into dripper, 2 teaspoons (1 level tablespoon, if a richer flavor is desired) of standard or drip grind coffee per cup. Do not use pulverized coffee*.

4.Place water distributor over coffee, pressing down firmly but not tight. 5.Pour in actively boiling water to desired measure. Use fresh cold water brought to a rolling boil. (Dripper is marked 2–4–6–8 cups.) For ten cups, measure proper amount of coffee in dripper, add eight cups of boiling water and when filtered thru, add 2 cups clear boiling water and mix.

6.Cover and place over very low heat or on warm part of stove. Allow about 1 minute per cup for coffee to drip.

7.When coffee has dripped thru, remove dripper, place cover on urn, adjusting cover with long flange in front of spout to retain heat..

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